Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Plug ‘The Fall Guy’ With Stunt Show

The actors stood on the side of the stage until they were assured that it was safe

Ryan Gosling / Emily Blunt
Both photos via Getty Images

Universal’s expansive CinemaCon presentation ended with a surprise stunt show crafted by the 87North stunt team. The two stars then talked to the audience and discussed that they had no desire to partake in the danger, with Blunt remarking that it was their job to stand on the side and then take credit for [the stunt sequences]. David Leitch was laughing next to them, noting that he was happy to make a movie about the working class stunt people. He was, of course, a former stunt performer so it was very dear to him.

We then got a “never before seen and shrewdly edited” look at “The Fall Guy.” We open with a down-on-his-luck Gosling now working as a valet when he’s called back into his former stuntman life to replace a missing lead actor for a major space opera action flick. The director is an ex-girlfriend (Blunt) and he’s still coping with a stunt screw-up that led him to step away.

We next cut to Cole Seavers being introduced and being told it’s his story now. Blunt offers a deeply angry and sardonic bit of exposition that is obviously her retelling of getting jilted by the stunt dude. When the actual lead actor (Aaron Taylor Johnson) vanishes, the stuntman becomes the leading man. Cue a slew of practical action and stunt work, both in terms of on-set adventure and real-world hijinks.

David Leitch’s latest star-driven, high-concept actioner opens theatrically on March 1, 2024.