Ryan Gosling Wore Sunglasses in His 12-Story ‘Fall Guy’ Plummet to Hide His ‘Terrified Owl Eyes’ | Video

Gosling jokes he “blacked out” doing his own stunts

Ryan Gosling felt very real terror while performing his own stunts for his role in the upcoming film “The Fall Guy” — even if he doesn’t remember it. In a recent joint interview with costar Emily Blunt for IMDb, the Oscar nominee reflected on the most memorable stunt he performed: his 12-story fall.

“He wore sunglasses in the stunt just to cover the whites of his eyes,” Blunt said.

“I had terrified owl eyes,” Gosling added. “Once they got into the close-up, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to have to have some sunglasses on this.’ I have a fear of heights.”

Blunt also leaned into the fact that Gosling joked he “blacked out” doing the many death-defying feats, saying that that was on account of the liquid courage he indulged in.

“No, he was definitely not drunk,” she clarified. “He was just sober and terrified.”

Gosling later added that it was important for him to pull off the drop himself to get just a taste of what actual stunt people do all the time.

“It was important that I do [the 12-story fall] because it was an opportunity, first of all, for me to get a little, tiny taste of what stunt people deal with every day, which is just these, like, incredible things that are asked of them,” he said.

“The Fall Guy” premieres May 3 and costars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham and Winston Duke alongside Gosling and Blunt and comes from “John Wick” and “Bullet Train” director David Leitch.


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