Ryan Reynolds Shares ‘Titanic’ Birthday Message for Wrexham AFC Co-Owner Rob McElhenney | Video

The “Deadpool” star jokes that he financed a mission to the ship’s wreckage to retrieve bottles of Wrexham lager to celebrate with his pal

“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to practical jokes and funny messages, and on Saturday he shared a Titanic-themed birthday message for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star and creator Rob McElhenney, Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC co-chair. McElhenney’s birthday is April 14, which is also the date the Titanic sank in 1912. And the message would end up being about not just the ship, but the beloved romantic film/box-office smash.

Dressed in his Deadpool costume, Reynolds explained, “As some of you may know, today is April 14, the birthday of my beloved cochairman Mr. Rob McElhenney. It also happens to be the day the Titanic went down.”

He accidentally posted it early, as he got his dates mixed up, but explained that it’s now April 14 in Wrexham, so, close enough.

“So, for his big day this year, I financed an expedition to the ocean floor to retrieve a few bottles of Wrexham Lager, which was actually on that maiden voyage, to use in an epic birthday toast,” he continued. “We searched and searched, and while unfortunately we didn’t find any drinkable Wrexham Lager, what we did find was even more beautiful.”

The expedition, Reynolds said, uncovered… a drawing of a shirtless McElhenney wearing a heart-shaped necklace, in the style of the one Jack Dawson made of Rose Dewitt Bukater in the epic 1997 film.

“So join me in celebrating the heart of of our Wrexham AFC family by sending Rob all the birthday love we can,” Reynolds continued. “But please, don’t embarrass him by going to Vistaprint.com/Wrexham to purchase, gift and share items customized in all of Rob’s splendor — and soft, delicate chest hair.”

“And don’t put it all over social media,” Reynolds added. “Nor should you visit the Ty Pawb Gallery in Wrexham, where this picture will actually hang among genuine works of art. No, just do as I am, and simply wish Rob a happy birthday. We’ll see you in League One.”

That last reference is thanks to McElhenney and Reynolds’ Welsh soccer team that they co-own, which spent years in the fifth English football division, having a huge run of success with the backing of the two celebs — and their pocketbooks. That includes rising through the ranks and getting to play against higher profile teams thanks to winning their league.

Reynolds and McElhenney’s journey alongside Wrexham has been shared in the Hulu docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham.”

This isn’t the first time Reynolds has had fun celebrating McElhenney’s birthday. In 2023 the actor decided to teach the rest of the world how to pronounce McElhenney’s last name — via song.

Watch the birthday message from Reynolds in the video above.


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