10 Reasons Why Ryan Seacrest Is a Smart Choice as Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host

Sorry, Jerry O’Connell — maybe in four more years

Live With Kelly & Ryan
'Live With Kelly & Ryan'

Ryan Seacrest may not have been the Las Vegas frontrunner to become Kelly Ripa’s next co-host, but he’s a smart bet for a solid future.

Below are 10 reasons why he’s a good pick for the show. (And, yes, the first one is about your mom.)

1. Your Mom, That’s Why
Everyone knows Ryan Seacrest. Seriously, call your mom right now — she knows Seacrest. And guess who’s the target audience for “Live With Kelly & Ryan”? Yup, your mom.

2. BFFs
Seacrest and Ripa are legit pals. In a Monday morning media release, Ripa referred to Seacrest as a “close friend.” In his prepared remarks, the newbie went with “dear friend.”

We get it, you’re friends. But that’s good for chemistry, which in daytime, is good for business.

3. “Idol” Hands
Yes, Seacrest has a million jobs — clever joke, Twitter user. (You too, guy who tweets back to this story: “You forgot ‘Because Brian Dunkleman was busy!’” Good stuff.) But Seacrest recently lost the one that most folks associate him with: “American Idol.”

The guy likes network TV, and network TV likes him. Let them be together.

4. Chicks Dig Him
We (sort of) joked earlier about how the “Live” demo is made up primarily of your mom, but it’s true — housewives are still the bullseye for these talkers’ targets. Women 18-49 actually don’t really like Kelly Ripa all that much, per her Positive Q Score.

Guess who they like? Well, yeah, Michael Strahan — but also Ryan Seacrest.

5. Kelly/Kelly
Starting this fall, former Fox News star Megyn Kelly’s new NBC morning show will air at 9 a.m. ET, taking the “Today” show’s third hour. Guess who that puts her directly against? Yup, that other Kelly (Ripa, if you’re a bit slow).

Starting Seacrest off now is a bit of a flag-plant for the syndicated Disney-ABC show. Who you got, Megyn? (Please don’t say Bill O’Reilly.)

6. We’re Getting a Radio Station!
Per that aforementioned press release, “New York’s ABC7, home of ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ will house a brand-new iHeartRadio studio for Seacrest’s New York City location.”

So, that’s cool. Also, it’s how Seacrest will continue his popular radio show — Disney-ABC didn’t really have a choice.

7. He’s Better Than You Are
Somewhere along the lines — probably the frosted tips era — Seacrest became a bit of a running joke. That’s dumb, and so are the people yucking it up. Seacrest is actually a terrific host across multiple mediums. He’s poised, charming, a great talker, a polished interviewer, quick on his feet and just comes across as a nice dude.

In other words, Seacrest is better as his job than you are at yours.

8. Dude Lives for Live TV
We all remember “Idol,” and you all luckily forgot “Knock Knock Live.” He’s also done — and will continue to do — E!’s “Live from the Red Carpet” award shows, as well as ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.”

“Live With Kelly & Ryan”? Piece of cake.

9. Nielsen Knows
Seacrest put up some pretty solid TV ratings the five times he guest co-hosted “Live With Kelly” — executive producer Michael Gelman is banking on that trend to continue.

Click here to see how the other 66 options did, or here to see the Nielsen numbers for all 195 episodes since Michael Strahan bailed.

10. Who Else You Got?
Of all those other guest co-hosts, including Jerry O’Connell, 20 had better average ratings than Seacrest. Of those, the vast majority only did one episode, and typically pretty early on in the guest run — so you have to throw away the anomalies. Just two guys did more than four episodes apiece: Anderson Cooper and Mark Consuelos. Ripa has previously said she doesn’t want to work everyday with her hubby, and Cooper may be the only other guy as busy as Seacrest.

So, yes, diversity would have been nice to see here — but the realistic pool of candidates wasn’t as large as it sounds.