Sam Richardson’s Hardest, Best Day on ‘Detroiters': ‘Please Don’t Pee on Me’ (Exclusive Video)

A day on a motorcycle was fun, but tough — just like Detroit

Last Updated: June 21, 2017 @ 5:06 PM

“Detroiters” star Sam Richardson says the most difficult thing he’s done on the Comedy Central series was also the most fun — he rode around downtown Detroit on a motorcycle with co-star Tim Robinson clinging to his waist.

“It would get so hot because we were in these motorcycle suits. The heavy jacket and helmet,” Richardson told TheWrap. The actor remembers thinking: “Please don’t pee on me. ‘Cause like it’ll start out warm but then it’ll get cold” — he snaps — “like that.”

He wasn’t technically riding the motorcycle — it was on a rig, set up for shooting around town. But public filming set up a new set of problems, because plenty of Detroit locals interrupted filming to ask what was going on.

“What movie is this? Y’all making a movie?” he remembers being asked. “Well, we were.”

“Detroiters” stars Richardson and Robinson as two Motor City ad men taking on the big-time ad industry with local grit and creativity. Both actors are Detroit natives who performed in the city’s Second City sketch comedy ensemble.

Richardson is a double-threat this Emmy season, since he also stars on HBO’s “Veep” as Richard Splett, a syncophantic aide who this season also became a sperm donor to the former president’s daughter and her partner.