‘Scandal’s’ Katie Lowes Talks Season Opener, Weighs In on ‘Angry Black Woman’ Controversy (Video)

The actress stands by Shonda Rhimes and her “brilliance” in TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”

“Scandal” actress Katie Lowes sat down for morning mimosas for TheWrap’s latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars” the day after the anticipated ABC series returned for Season 4.

Lowes’ character Quinn Perkins was lucky enough to survive for another season, unlike someone else in the cast.

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Spoiler alert: It’s Harrison.

Not so surprising considering actor Columbus Short‘s off-camera problems. Lowes discussed shooting the funeral scene for the fallen member of Olivia Pope’s staff in an actual cemetery.

“That scene breaks my heart. It was so hard to shoot,” she said.

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Season 4 finds the remaining gladiators doing what they do best: shocking us with their every move.

Lowes gives all the credit to the series’ creator Shonda Rhimes, who was recently involved in a storm of controversy after New York Times critic Alessandra Stanley referred to her as an “angry black woman” in a published review.

“I mean, really, we’re all like, let’s not spend any more time on that journalist and let’s just spend all the time in the world on the brilliance that is Shonda Rhimes,” Lowes told us.

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Olivia Pope and Associates have bigger problems to solve.

Watch Part 1 of our “Drinking With the Stars” with Katie Lowes above, then part two below.

“Scandal” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.