‘Scared Boss’ Is Jimmy Kimmel’s 2013 Clip of the Year (Video)

A boss, a box, a moment of sheer terror

Sorry, “Monkey in a Snow Suit.” Better luck next year, “Rhubard Lady.” Jimmy Kimmel’s 2013 Clip of the Year is “Scared Boss.”

Kimmel’s team scoured the Internet for the best videos of the year, and nothing topped the short clip of a boss being terrified by one of his employees bursting from a box. Along with the hopping snow monkey and a cursing gardener, the other contenders included Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, bumping into a camera; fledgling news anchor A.J. Clemente; and another anchor accidentally referencing a “skin flute.”

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Paul Lewis, the scared boss himself, was brave enough to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to accept the award.

“I thought that little monkey was cute,” he said of his Clip of the Year rival. He then began thanking Kimmel and his co-workers — before he received another scary surprise.

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“Twerking Girl on Fire” could have easily been the clip of the year, but Kimmel was too modest to submit it for consideration: His show created the fake segment of a girl catching on fire while dancing, and passed it off as real on YouTube.

Watch the video: