Scarlett Johansson Is Shocked to Learn Jeremy Renner Wore His Hawkeye Costume for Halloween (Video)

“I feel like Jeremy, maybe, says sorry [and] doesn’t ask permission,” teased Kelly Clarkson while interviewing the “Black Widow” star

Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Clarkson have decided that Johansson’s Marvel co-star, Jeremy Renner, is someone who lives by a “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” mentality.

That much is true, at least, when it comes to when and where he can wear his professional-grade Marvel Studios costume of Hawkeye. Asked while joining “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in September whether or not she’d ever wear her Black Widow costume out for Halloween, as Renner did with Hawkeye in 2021, Johansson was shocked that that was even an option.

“What! That’s allowed? Marvel never told me I could do that,” she said, mouth agape.

“I feel like Jeremy, maybe, says sorry [and] doesn’t ask permission. He’s one of those people. I’m one of those people,” Clarkson said, and Johansson agreed.

“Yeah, you’re actually right. I’m not, I’m very by-the-books,” the actress admitted.

Reflecting on her decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Johansson joked that she’s been “programmed” by the higher ups to be extra cautious when it comes to the franchise.

“I was constantly terrified that I was gonna spoil some major, like, anything!” she said. “From the color of my, like, it’s now a darker shade of navy and they’re like, ‘You can’t say a thing.’ So I’m sort of programmed.”

“Sounds a little abusive, but yeah!” Clarkson teased. “‘Programmed’? I don’t do well with secrets or anything like that so I would hate that, having to keep a secret.”

“There was definitely cast members that are really really bad at it, that are a liability,” Johansson responded.

“I call it passion,” Clarkson said. “We’re just excited about some things, that’s why we give it away on accident.”

The clip debuted Wednesday as a digital exclusive of interview outtakes. “I get to talking with guests and conversations go long because Mama likes to talk!” Clarkson said, previewing the bit.

In October 2021, Renner shared to his Instagram, seen below, that he was wearing his Hawkeye costume while trick ‘r treating with his kids, and it became a topic of conversation on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” when he visited in the months following.

Watch the full interview outtake with Johansson and Clarkson in the video above.