‘SEAL Team’ Soberly Welcomes ‘a New Era of Warfare’ in Final Season Trailer | Video

Season 7 of the action thriller premieres in August on Paramount+

“SEAL Team” is going out with a bang as the first trailer for its final season promises to dive into “a new era of warfare.” The action drama will return for its seventh season on Paramount+ August 11.

The trailer starts with Jason Hayes, aka Bravo, (David Boreanaz) waking up in a PTSD-induced panic. “I was once like you, kid,” Jason says in a voiceover. As he continues, the trailer jumps between haunting moments from past seasons and images of literal blood on his hands. “Dying to get into the fight. I evolved. So did the violence — not only the violence that I endured but the violence I inflicted.”

When Bravo is at the height of his self-loathing, “SEAL Team” reveals that he and his team are going to be sent on another assignment. Though it’s not explained why in the trailer, this one promises to be different than any they’ve experienced before.

“Operations like this are the next era of warfare — invisible tactics with global consequences. Evolve or fall behind,” Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) says. Watch the full trailer above.

The final season of the action drama follows Jason as he continues to balance his career with the responsibilities of being a single father. Meanwhile, his team has to face some big questions of their own. His second-in-command Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) questions whether he should leave the battlefield as his retirement approaches; Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley) has to learn to shoulder more responsibility as Jason and Ray’s continue to shift their focus; and both Omar Hamza (Raffi Barsoumian) and Drew Franklin (Beau Knapp) have to figure out balancing their work with their past traumas. This is thrown further into chaos when no-nonsense Lieutenant Lisa Davis recruits the Bravo team for a new mission.

“Ripped away from their loved ones at a moment’s notice to be deployed across the globe, Bravo team remains dedicated to their duties. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, they know this is the price to keep the families they left behind safe,” a press release for the new season reads.

The first two episodes of the 10-episode drama will premiere exclusively on Paramount+ August 11 in the United States. New episodes will then premiere on Sundays. The new season will also premiere on August 11 in Canada and will premiere on August 12 in Australia.

“SEAL Team” is produced by CBS Studios and executive produced by Spencer Hudnut, Christopher Chulack, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly and Mark Owen. David Boreanaz also serves as an executive producer as well as a director for the series. Paramount Global Content Distribution distributes the series worldwide.

The drama first premiered on CBS in 2017 before it was moved to Paramount+ in 2021. The other series that was moved from CBS at the same time — “Evil” — is also set to end later this year.


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