‘Seinfeld’ Supercut About Nothing Goes Viral (Video)

TheWrap talks with the vid’s creator about his “surprise” success

Jerry Seinfeld‘s show about “nothing” is becoming a very big deal on the internet.

Superfan LJ Frezza recently complied a supercut of nothing but, well, nothing. He edited characters and dialogue out of several scenes, leaving only a collection of empty shots — scoring a viral hit in the process.

“I was surprised [of the video’s success] because I’ve been making videos for years, and none have ever been very popular outside of very specific arts communities,” Frezza told TheWrap. “I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised,” Frezza continued, “many people are familiar with the source material, and my hope was that it would resonate.”

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Frezza’s hopes have come true. The video, depicting a “New York without people” with only empty spaces and the show’s signature bass riffs, has scored almost 85,000 views as of press time.

Since going viral, the supercut has caught the attention of popular sites like Gawker and Vice. It also got a shout out on New York Magazine.

Inspired by living in New York City, Frezza told TheWrap that it took him 8 months and “2 decades of exposure to the source material” to assemble the viral sensation.

Watch the supercut below:

Nothing from LJ Frezza on Vimeo.