‘Sesame Street’ Muppets Help Jimmy Fallon With ‘Tonight Show’ Hashtags (Video)

Appearances from Muppets old and new including Grover, Abby Cadabby, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Murray and Big Bird

"Sesame Street" Muppets on "The Tonight Show"

For the latest installment of Jimmy Fallon‘s Hashtags, “The Tonight Show” host had his viewers reflecting on #WhenIWasAKid. To help bring back those childhood memories, he enlisted the help of some of our favorite Muppets from “Sesame Street” to read them.

Basically a big kid himself, Fallon giggled more than usual during the bit, which saw him introduce the Muppets one at a time as they each read out a Tweet.

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“I ate Cheerios at least two at a time so none of them would be lonely,” Cookie Monster read. Then, after thinking about it for a moment, he said, “Me gonna try that with me cookies. Me no want lonely cookies.”

Fallon lost it with this, which is one of the elements that make the Muppet characters so great. The people behind them are artists and true performers, with brilliant improv skills as puppeteers. They stay on point, in character, and can come back with perfect and hilarious responses.

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Big Bird was tasked with one viewer lamenting that the “Sesame Street” theme song never actually answered the question of how to get there.

Fallon was joined on-stage by Grover, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Murray, Elmo and Big Bird.