Steve Harvey Can’t Believe the Stupid Answers He Gets on ‘Tonight Show’ ‘Family Feud’ (Video)

Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins and Jason Segel take on The Roots in epic showdown, and it isn’t even close

Steve Harvey took over “The Tonight Show” for a lengthy segment that saw Jimmy Fallon, Steve Higgins and Jaseon Segal square off against The Roots in a compressed version of Harvey’s “Family Fued.”

They tweaked the “Tonight Show” set to mimic the set of Harvey’s popular game show, but Fallon still had trouble giving up control of the show. He kept interrupting Harvey, who was having none of it. “I got this,” He chastised the host on more than one occasion.

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He may have had the reins of the show-within-the-show, but he had no control over the ridiculous answers he was seeing. Of course, when the question asks you to fill in the blank and the phrase is “I love to play with my…” What do you expect to get?

Higgins wasted no time in slamming down the buzzer and shouting “Ding dong” as his answer.

The Roots got themselves in trouble with the question asking which instrument is least likely to get a bandmember groupies. Tarik may have answered “Tuba” a little too quickly. It was a tough question to get through, with the rest of the band standing behind the three playing the game.

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There was more heartbreak when “Bass” was revealed as the answer no one was able to guess. And yet they offered up great suggestions like “accordian” and “triangle.” Harvey didn’t even try to hide his disgust at these terrible choices.

If it seemed he was picking on The Roots a lot, that’s because they completely dominated the game. And any time Fallon’s team had a chance to get into it, they blew it with their own terrible answers. Fallon tried “grass” as another term for marijuana.

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It was a raucous affair that went more than 10 minutes. And even still, it ran long and we never did get to see any of the answers that filled in the blank for “I love to play with my…”