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Meyers Thinks Obama Definitely Won’t Have Any Classified Docs: When He Left Office, He Said ‘F– It, You Can Keep It’ (Video)

”Let’s not forget, he left office, and his life immediately got way better,“ Meyers joked

As more and more classified documents continue to be found in the homes of sitting and ex-presidents and vice presidents, Seth Meyers is pretty sure there’s one person who definitely won’t have any: President Barack Obama. That’s because, according to the late night host, he probably lost all interest in that job as soon as it ended.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Thursday night, Meyers called out the differences in reactions from Republicans regarding each classified documents scandal. Where most of the GOP lawmakers have called for investigations and serious punishments for President Joe Biden, they’ve largely brushed off the documents found with Mike Pence and twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz even called for an investigation of Hunter Biden’s homes, someone who, as Meyers pointed out, “has no connection to any of this.” Meanwhile, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said that it’s “curious” that the DOJ hasn’t tried searching any of Obama’s offices “given the fact that a majority of Biden’s documents came from his administration.” And at that, Meyers scoffed.

“I have no idea whether any classified documents will show up at his house, but if there’s one person I’m willing to bet did things the right way, it was Obama,” Meyers said. “Plus, let’s not forget, he left office, and his life immediately got way better. He’s not moping around a country club, stealing the mic at weddings to bitch about witch hunts.”

Meyers then called up some of the most famous images that have been released of Obama since he left office, including ones of him kite surfing and hanging out with celebrities, to prove his point.

“When he left the White House, they probably said, ‘Do you want any of these documents?’ And he said ‘Uhhhh…f— it. You can keep it,'” Meyers joked.

The late night host then took a moment to note that he and his team tape the show well before it actually airs on TV, so it was entirely possible that documents could’ve been discovered in Obama’s home by the time the episode aired. But, if that happened, Meyers had an idea of who was responsible.

“They were planted by James Corden to make me look bad!” he warned.

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.