Seth Meyers Predicts Fox News Will Start Saying ‘Watching Trump’s Rallies Is Actually Anti-Trump’ Soon | Video

They’re “just gonna put up a chyron during Trump rallies that says ‘Quick! Change the channel!'” the NBC host jokes

As Donald Trump continues to receive criticism for his comments about immigrants “poisoning the blood of the United States,” his allies continue to stand by him, saying critics are overreacting to his language. At this point, Seth Meyers is pretty sure that Fox News will just start telling people that tuning into Trump rallies is “actually anti-Trump.”

That’s because, following Trump’s latest hateful comment, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade defended the disgraced ex-president, saying that all Trump really said was that the U.S. has an immigration problem. Kilmeade then complained that critics “tried to say this language was the problem.”

“Yes, that’s what we’re saying!” Meyers shot back bluntly. “The language is the problem. I’m sorry we’re focused on his language, but the dude does two things: plays golf and talks. And I don’t want to watch him golf.”

The NBC host was more upset though by the fact that Trump and his supporters are getting more blatant in their words and actions, and mocked them for trying to tell people to ignore said words and actions.

“They’re not even trying to do that thing anymore, where they say ‘What Trump really meant was…’ and then translate his fascism into more polite words,” Meyers said. “They’re basically saying ‘Hey, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it could be anything.’”

He continued, “Now they’re just telling us not to listen to his words at all. Next they’re going to tell us that watching Trump’s rallies is actually anti-Trump. Fox News is just gonna put up a chyron during Trump rallies that says ‘Quick! Change the channel!’”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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