Seth Meyers Says Trump Is ‘Just Jealous’ of Robert De Niro Because His ‘Casino’ Was Successful | Video

The A-list star and the former president have been trading insults as of late

Following Donald Trump’s recent comments about Robert De Niro, Seth Meyers jumped in to defend the actor.

Last week, the “Killers of the Flower Moon” star criticized the Gotham Awards for censoring his speech, specifically his criticisms of Trump. In the spreech, De Niro called Trump a “charlatan” and said “But with all his lies, he can’t hide his soul.”

Naturally, Trump fired back on his social media platform Truth Social, calling De Niro a “total loser” and writing, “Very much like Crooked Joe Biden he can’t put two sentences together.”

“As opposed to Trump who’s about to put four sentences together,” Meyers quipped during Tuesday night’s episode of “Late Night.”

“That’s right. Trump attacked De Niro for attacking him at a recent awards speech, but he’s just jealous because De Niro’s ‘Casino’ was successful,” Meyers added.

While giving his speech at the Gotham Awards, De Niro was visibly shocked and alleged that his anti-Trump comments had been cut from the teleprompter. In response, the star used his phone to read his anti-Trump comments anyway. De Niro has been no friend to the former president over the years. The star repeatedly and publicly criticized Trump during his presidential term. He also penned a fiery speech denouncing the politician earlier this year at the “Stop Trump Summit,” which De Niro was unable to attend due to COVID.

The NBC host also took aim at the upcoming Republican National Convention debate. The debate, which will take place Wednesday night, will pit presidential hopefuls Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy against one another. It will be broadcast on The CW Network and News Nation, covered by conservative political journal the Washington Free Beacon and the podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” and hosted by the online video platform Rumble.

“So in other words, look for it wherever you get your computer viruses,” Meyers said.


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