Meyers Suspects Trump Pretended He Wasn’t ‘DT’ on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Phone: It Was ‘The Great David Tennant!’ (Video)

“Trump must have been so embarrassed by that pic of a Republican not wanting to take his call,” Meyers teased

Of the many unprecedented images that came out of the House floor during the many, many votes on Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House, one — seemingly involving Donald Trump — gave Seth Meyers a particularly good laugh. But, the late night host is pretty sure Trump would’ve lied about it had he been asked.

It took four days and 15 votes for Kevin McCarthy to secure the numbers he needed to become speaker, and during that time, Republicans turned on each other drastically (and at times, almost violently). While some tried to vote for Trump himself to become speaker, others called on him to reverse his support for McCarthy and stand with the right-most members of the party who held the vote hostage.

In one image, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is seen holding out her phone to a Republican colleague, begging him to speak to whoever was on the line, but that representative waved her off. Zooming in on the image, many quickly noticed that it was someone named “DT” on the line, which almost certainly stood for Donald Trump. You can see that image below:

Getty Images

Of course, Seth Meyers predicted that, if the twice-impeached former president were actually asked about that photo, he likely would’ve made an extensive effort to save face.

“Trump must have been so embarrassed by that pic of a Republican not wanting to take his call. Although, knowing Trump, he’d probably claim it wasn’t him on the phone,” Meyers joked, busting how his Trump impression to act out how that denial would go.

“‘The fake news is saying Republicans ignored me, but that wasn’t me calling. It was a different DT — the great David Tennant,’” Meyers mocked. “‘Doctor Who himself. You know, some people, some people say his name is ‘The Doctor’ but I like to say Doctor Who.’”

From there, the fake story devolved into a “Who’s on First?” bit, which ended in “Trump” revealing that the whole conversation about Doctor Who actually happened on Jan. 6, and that’s why he wasn’t answering calls from lawmakers asking for help as his supporters attacked the Capitol in an effort to overturn the 2020 election, which Trump regularly claimed, baselessly, was rigged or stolen.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.