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Seth Meyers Isn’t Trying to Topple Trump – But He Wouldn’t Mind (Video)

”The wounds on Trump are a lot more self-inflicted than comedy-inflicted,“ Meyers tells TheWrap

For all the time Seth Meyers spends making fun of Donald Trump on “Late Night,” he says his main goal is to put on a good show — not to topple the president.

Not that he would mind toppling the president.

Look, based on how this is going, if he should end up out of office it seems like it will be a lot more based on the decisions he’s making than the decisions we’re making. The wounds on Trump are a lot more self-inflicted than comedy-inflicted,” Meyers told TheWrap in a recent interview. (Watch the video of our Q&A above.)<

When we pointed out that painting Trump as thin-skinned or incompetent — as Meyers has tried repeatedly to do — could weaken him politically and make him more susceptible to investigation or even impeachment, Meyers demurred again.

“Once comedy gets important it stops being funny,” he explained. “We think what we’re talking about is important, but we try to do it in a way that’s entertaining first and foremost. If people tuned in every night and said, ‘Oh, what I like about this show is its stated goal is to get this man out of office’ — that’s not our stated goal. Our stated goal is to sort of process what happened in the course of the last 24 hours, and hopefully give it to you in a way you enjoy.”

Nevertheless, we persisted. If Trump left office, would Meyers consider it a nice bonus?

“Look, it would be … Sure,” he finally said. “I’ll take that as a bonus.”

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