Meyers Wonders How Kevin McCarthy Could Get ‘Any Weaker’: ‘Gonna Make Him Wear the ‘Kick Me’ Sign on the Front?’ (Video)

“They’re already treating him like a substitute teacher on the last day of school,” Meyers joked

In his many efforts to win the votes of the right-most members of his party to become Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy made several concessions in terms of rules and processes, which are set to significantly weaken McCarthy’s power as speaker. But at this point, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers is wondering how it’s even possible for McCarthy to get any weaker.

On Monday, the House voted 220-213 to pass the new rules package, with only one Republican voting against it. With the new rules, members of the House Freedom Caucus will also have increased leverage over McCarthy. Among the many concessions McCarthy made was a change in the number of votes needed to potentially unseat a sitting speaker, which has drawn the most concern from Republicans and Democrats alike.

So now that the new rules package has passed, Seth Meyers wonders what else McCarthy could possibly give up.

“Really? How could they possibly make him any weaker?” Meyers joked. “They’re already treating him like a substitute teacher on the last day of school. Are they gonna make him wear the ‘Kick Me’ sign on the front?”

That said, the late night host has openly taken some glee in watching McCarthy’s ascension to speaker unfold, saying that Republicans “deserve” the chaos that their infighting has caused. Last week, he poked fun at the idea that Republicans expected to handily win the 2022 midterms, and now couldn’t even win on a much smaller scale.

“God, you guys can’t even have a red wave amongst yourselves,” he mocked.

You can watch Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.