Meyers Mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene’s NYC Protest: ‘Only a Tourist From Georgia’ Thinks That ‘Gets Her Attention’ (Video)

Meyers noted that Greene was there to simply “scream and shout like a lunatic”

Twice-impeached and now officially indicted former president Donald Trump appeared in New York for his arraignment on Tuesday, and so did a few of his supporters. That included Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who, as Seth Meyers joked, really just went about it as a weird means of getting attention.

To kick off his “A Closer Look” segment on Tuesday night, Meyers admitted that he never thought he’d get to say the words “Donald Trump was arrested,” before honing in on the size of the crowds he brought with him.

“The day began with tense scenes in Lower Manhattan as throngs of Trump supporters numbering in the tens, or perhaps even the twelves, showed up to sort of just mill around, I guess,” Meyers mocked. “Support the former indicted president, where they were outnumbered by both reporters and pigeons.”

Meyers then turned his attention to some of the more recognizable protestors, which indeed included active congressmen and congresswomen.

“Outside, agitator Marjorie Taylor Greene showed up at a nearby park to scream and shout like a lunatic, something only a tourist from Georgia would think gets her attention in New York City,” Meyers joked.

The “Late Night” host pointed out that New York congressman George Santos also showed up at the arraignment, but according to Meyers, it was just because he “claimed he was the one who had sex with Stormy Daniels.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.