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Meyers Mocks DeSantis for ‘Dumb’ Gas Stove Tax Break: ‘At Least When Trump Does the Culture Wars, He Goes All Out’ (Video)

”He wants a tax break for a thing his own residents don’t use, because it’ll make the libs mad,“ Meyers mocked

Florida governor Ron DeSantis introduced a tax break for people using gas stoves this week, because apparently Democrats “want your gas stoves, and we’re not gonna let that happen.” The move was dubbed as “dumb” by “Late Night” host Seth Meyers for many reasons, but mostly because it’s so boring compared to Trump’s actions when it comes to the culture wars.

If you haven’t kept up with why gas stoves are suddenly the hot button issue (pun only mostly intended), it’s because a recent study once again found that gas stoves can be linked to childhood asthma. According to the results, the appliances carry about the same risk of asthma as being regularly exposed to secondhand smoke.

And, though the Biden administration made it clear that an all-out ban on gas stoves was not imminent, many GOP politicians have latched onto that idea and, like DeSantis, are claiming that Democrats “do want to go after it.” And thus, we have DeSantis’ new tax break this week.

Of course, Meyers couldn’t help but laugh at the plan, especially considering the fact that Florida — you know, the state DeSantis governs — already has the lowest rate of gas stove usage in the country. Only 8% of homes in the state use gas stoves.

“Think about how dumb that is,” Meyers mocked. “He wants a tax break for a thing his own residents don’t use, because it’ll make the libs mad.”

Meyers also couldn’t get over how “boring” the idea was, especially compared to how Trump handles odd issues like this one.

“At least when Trump does the culture wars, he goes all out,” Meyers joked, before going into his Trump impression. “‘Antifa is coming to your house to take away your gas stove and kill Santa Claus. They want to murder Santa ’cause he’s not woke. They want to cancel Christmas and replace it with April Fool’s Day.'”

The late night host chose that particular holiday because of recent statements from the twice-impeached former president, in which he said that under the Biden administration, every day feels like April Fool’s Day.

You can watch Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.