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Meyers Mocks People Who Think Trump Will Change: ‘If Your Personality Changes at 76 … You Get Put in a Home’ (Video)

People who believe Trump can change are ”crazier than those QAnon people who think JFK Jr. is gonna come back from the dead,“ Meyers mocked

Seth Meyers does not see any kind of future in which twice-impeached former president Donald Trump changes his ways. In fact, if it were to happen, the “Late Night” host says it’ll be a sign that Trump needs to be moved to a retirement home.

During Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers marveled at how reports indicate that a large portion of the Republican party want to move on from Trump, but no one is actually taking concrete steps to make that happen. During an appearance on CNN, The Atlantic writer McKay Coppins noted that some were hoping that Trump might just bow out of the 2024 race voluntarily.

And Meyers couldn’t help but laugh at the idea that the former president, who is under multiple investigations for everything from his business practices to his 2020 election lies, might see the error of his ways.

“Seriously, if you think Donald Trump is gonna suddenly change his personality now, at the age of 76, after eight years in politics, and an attempted coup to stay in power, you’re crazier than those QAnon people who think JFK Jr. is gonna come back from the dead,” Meyers mocked. “It’s never gonna happen.”

And, if it somehow were to happen, Meyers joked that it’d be indicative of another necessary move for Trump.

“If your personality changes at 76, you don’t get credit,” he said. “You get put in a home!”

You can watch Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.