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Seth Meyers Derides Trump’s Claim That He’s ‘Never Even Heard’ of Burner Phones (Video)

”Dude, you worked in New York real estate for decades. I’m betting every phone Trump used was a burner,“ Meyers said

Seth Meyers is among the many that don’t believe Donald Trump’s claim this week that he’s “never even heard the term” burner phone. So, on Thursday’s episode of “Late Night,” the host poked fun at the former president’s defense.

The questions surrounding burner phones began surfacing after it was discovered that there is a 7-hour gap in Trump’s official phone records from January 6, the day of the Capitol riots. Many suspect that during those seven hours, he used a burner phone to communicate with people. But, the twice-impeached former President maintained that “To the best of my knowledge, I have never even heard the term.

“First of all, I’m not willing to put any faith in the best of your knowledge,” Seth Meyers joked. “The best of your knowledge doesn’t even include the name of the CEO of Apple.”

The host then played a clip from when Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the White House, and Trump called him “Tim Apple.”

“Remember that? Couldn’t even remember the name of the guy sitting next to him, so he just rolled the dice and hoped it was the same as the name of his company. If you can’t remember that, how can you remember if he’s ever used a burner phone?” Meyers continued. “Also, I love that he claims not just that he’s never used one, but he’s never heard the term. Dude, you worked in New York real estate for decades. I’m betting every phone Trump used was a burner phone.”

Meyers then joked about how Trump tends to defend himself against any claims of wrongdoing, arguing that he always takes it one too far.

“Trump always makes it so easy to contradict him by going overboard with his defense. Like, if he had just said ‘I’ve never used a burner phone,’ that would be harder to disprove,” Meyers said. “But when he says ‘I’ve never even heard of the term,’ a bunch of people are immediately like ‘Yeah, no. He has.’ It’s like if your parents said they found weed in your sock drawer and your response was ‘What the hell’s a sock? And you keep them in drawers you say? This is all news to me, I’m an innocent man, I tell you!'”

You can watch the full segment from “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video here and above.

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