Shailene Woodley Can Fit All of Her Possessions In One Suitcase (Video)

“The Fault in Our Stars” actress gave her house to her grandmother, sleeps on friends’ couches.

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 9:52 AM

When most people think of successful actors and actresses, they think of all the money they must be making. And with money comes big houses, big cars and lots of fancy things. But not so for Shailene Woodley. The star of the forthcoming film, “The Fault in Our Stars,” confessed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she can fit everything she owns into one carry-on suitcase.

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According to the star, after spending only 15 days at home last year — and realize she’d rather spend that time with friends than at home alone — she decided to give everything up. She gave her house to her grandmother, and whittled down her possessions to the literal bare minimum.

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She sleeps on friends couches between acting jobs, and even confessed that she didn’t own a phone until she was given one by the film’s production team. So what does she have? “Computer, few articles of clothing … hoody,” Woodley listed. “Few tank tops, t-shirts. leggings.”

And a Costco card. Kimmel pointed out that she may be the most inappropriate person in the world to have a Costco membership, but Woodley has her reason. “A bread at Costco,” she said. “I don’t know the name. You can only get it at Costco. No matter where I am, I can get my Costco bread.”

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Woodley did confess that she owned a few kitchen items that she couldn’t bring with her everywhere. Her grandma has those back in that house Woodley gave her. She probably doesn’t mind hanging onto those for her granddaughter, considering.