Shailene Woodley Stays Up ‘Late Late’ To Talk About Death (Video)

The “White Bird in a Blizzard” star is morbidly afraid of flying

Shailene Woodley kept “Late Late Show” viewers entertained on Thursday night by talking about her fear of death via horrible airplane accident.

“I get consistently more afraid of flying on airplanes. I used to not be afraid, and now I am,” Woodley said. “I’m afraid the plane is going to crash.”

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Craig Ferguson played the role of the therapist in the interview (above), and assured her, “It’s not going to crash.”

“Statistically, you’re safer in an airplane than you are in your bed if you’re in California,” Ferguson explained. “Because of the San Andreas fault it’s more likely that you would be heart in an earthquake than hurt in an airline accident.”

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The star of Summit’s “Divergent” franchise and indie drama “White Bird in a Blizzard” wasn’t buying it, though.

“I think being hurt in an earthquake is different than to die in an airplane crash,” Woodley said. “It all works out, and then we die.”