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Shailene Woodley Loves to Eat Clay (Video)

It’s not as gross as it sounds. Or maybe it is. You be the judge

Shailene Woodley is either the healthiest actress in Hollywood, or she belongs in an episode of “My Strange Addiction.”

The “Divergent” star, who will next be seen falling in love with Ansel Elgort in “The Fault in Our Stars,” told David Letterman that she regularly eats clay, specially ordered from Colorado.

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“Clay is one of my favorites, because if you look at indigenous cultures around the world, people are eating clay almost daily. It’s just a part of their diet,” Woodley said while educating Letterman (above). “Pregnant women in a lot of other countries eat clay, too, because it’s really good for their bodies while the baby’s growing. I’m not joking, look it up.”

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While she couldn’t explain the difference between clay and dirt, she did seem to know exactly why she’s eating a teaspoon worth of clay every day and making toothpaste out of it.

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“It’s not like taking a vitamin where you get the benefits of the vitamin in your body,” Woodley continued. “Clay binds to other material in your body and helps your body excrete those materials, that are not necessarily the best for you. Like toxins and heavy metals and whatnot.”

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