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Shoot This Now: Why the Anti-Hitchcock Story ‘The Living Room’ Should Be a Movie

Our new podcast explains why ”The Living Room,“ about a woman watching a young couple through their window, needs to be a movie

In the new edition of TheWrap’s “Shoot This Now” podcast, Matt Donnelly and I examine “The Living Room,” a story about a woman who watches a younger couple in their apartment through her window.

That may sound like the setup for a Hitchcock story in the vein of “Rear Window.” But “The Living Room” — produced by Briana Breen from interviews with Diane Weipert for the outstanding “Love + Radio” podcast — takes a very unexpected, emotional turn.

It’s a story, ultimately, about love, empathy, aging and the profound significance of curtains.

As in every episode of “Shoot This Now,” we’ll make the case for why this incredibly story should be a movie, and who should play everyone involved.

(Also: Before we dive into “The Living Room,” we also spend a couple of minutes discussing the payroll disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, and how Mark Wahlberg is different from Marky Mark. It has nothing to do with “The Living Room,” but it was interesting to us.)

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