‘SNL’ Cold Open: Bowen Yang Voices Chinese Spy Balloon’s Final Thoughts: ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Joe’s Osama’ (Video)

“I entertain you people for four days, and get shot by Biden?” he said angrily

The “Saturday Night Live” cold open mourned the spy balloon detected over Montana this week, which was shot down on Saturday morning. And of course, it was fan favorite Bowen Yang who performed the eulogy — as the balloon itself.

OK, so technically, it wasn’t a eulogy so much as the balloon defending itself. As MSNBC’s Katy Tur, Chloe Fineman brought up a live feed of the remnants of the balloon, floating in the water. But, in case you’re confused on why exactly Yang was playing a balloon, here’s what’s up.

On Wednesday, defense officials in the U.S. and Canada announced that what appeared to be a surveillance balloon originating in China had been spotted floating in the stratosphere above Montana. The balloon was roughly 31 miles up in the air, its size was roughly compared to three buses, and it was said to contain some kind of “technology bay,” meaning it has electronic equipment of some kind.

Combining all those factors and the fact that it didn’t pose a threat to civilians, officials were waiting until it drifted over a large body of water to shoot it down. And naturally, the balloon wasn’t too pleased about being shot out of the sky.

“Welp, you got me. Congrats, you shot a balloon,” Yang deadpanned. “I entertain you people for four days, and get shot by Biden? I can’t believe I’m Joe’s Osama.”

When Fineman’s Tur pointed out to the balloon that people were nervous that he was gathering sensitive information on them, he couldn’t help but balk at the accusation.

“By me? A balloon? Everyone’s being surveilled constantly, but it’s always ‘Shoot the balloon!’ Never ‘unplug Alexa,’” he sassed back.

Of course, the balloon suspected there might’ve been some other, more racist motivations behind shooting him down.

“Everyone freaking out because I’m a Chinese balloon?” he said. “Where I’m from, I’m just a balloon.”

You can watch the “Saturday Night Live” cold open in the video above.