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‘SNL': Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson Officially – and Humbly – Accept Their Roles as ‘Daddy’ and Mommy’ (Video)

The sketch also took full advantage of the many fan edit videos created for Pascal – but he still doesn’t understand them

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson have officially accepted their roles as society’s “daddy” and “mommy” respectively. The latter showed up as a surprise guest on “Saturday Night Live” this week, in an effort to help Pascal understand the many fan edit videos made of him.

The sketch starts at a school assembly led by Pascal’s “Mr. Ben” in which students are being told of the latest technology guidelines they must follow. Apparently, Mr. Ben is the kids’ favorite teacher, and they regularly holler at him through the presentation.

“Thank you — I think,” Mr. Ben says uncomfortably. “And here’s a new rule. As of today, do not make fancams of school staff such as this.”

Naturally, what follows is a slew of TikTok videos lusting after Mr. Ben, not unlike the many videos currently sprawling across the platform for Pascal in real life. (Shaggy’s song “Hey Sexy Lady” sure is having its moment because of them, though).

As the students complain about the new mandate, Pascal explains the logic behind it, saying, “You have made thousands of fancams of me, and I’m not sure what they mean. But I know it has to stop.”

Eventually, he presses the students further, trying to understand if the videos are truly good or bad, and the kids explain that the videos are a result of COVID insanity. They also reveal that while Mr. Ben has become “daddy,” someone named Miss Jenny has been dubbed “mommy.”

And out walks Sarah Paulson. With her by his side, Mr. Ben/Pascal is finally ready to accept his fate. They confess that yes, they are in love, and yes, they accept their new titles.

“Fine it’s true,” Paulson says. “He’s daddy, I’m mommy, and we’re all happy family. No crumbs left.”

You can watch the full sketch in the video above.