‘SNL’ Dives Into Biggest Mystery of ‘Stranger Things’ With Season 2 Gag (Video)

No, this is not a Barb thing

(The following contains spoilers for “Stranger Things” season 2. That’s just a joke, actually, much like the “SNL” sketch I’m about to describe.)

“SNL” set its sights on the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” this week, presenting what it referred to as a sneak peak at what season 2 has in store.

The sketch opened with an intro from the faux-Duffer Brothers, the creators of “Stranger Things,” promising that “next season we’re solving some of the first season’s biggest mysteries,” such as the nature of the “upside down” alternate dimension and the ultimate fate of fan favorite character Barb.

But this sketch isn’t about either of those things. Instead, it asks a completely different question: “where is that black kid’s family?” You can see the sketch above.

Said black kid’s parents, played by Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones, pop us as the kids are out in the woods searching for the monster from the upside down. And they aren’t having any of this nonsense.

It’s like the normal world but it’s scarier, there’s danger every turn,” Lucas attempts to explain.

“baby, people who look like us already live in the upside down,” Jones replies.

Let me put it to you this way, Lucas,” Thompson chimes in. “you don’t have to go looking for scary stuff, it’s going to find you.”

We also get Kate McKinnon popping up as the weird little girl known as Eleven, who attempts to stop Lucas’s parents from making him go home with her telekinesis powers but lets them go when Jones threatens to “take these five fingers across your scary ass.”

They also, topically, throw their hands in the air when the police chief shows up to help the kids out.

This week’s “SNL” was an eventful one — aside from this “Stranger Things” deal the show also went in hard on Donald Trump both in the cold open, which dealt with his lewd “grab them by the p***y” comment, and in a skit about Kellyanne Conway’s life as the one who has to go on TV and answer for every weird and terrible thing Donald Trump does.

The episode was hosted by Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose opening monologue featured a parody of his “Hamilton” song “My Shot.”