SNL: Leonardo DiCaprio Crashes Jonah Hill’s Monologue – And They Do the Flying Scene From ‘Titanic’!

The Oscar-nominated DiCaprio surprises the Oscar-nominated Hill to the delight of the audience

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:04 PM

Leonardo DiCaprio crashed Jonah Hill‘s opening monologue on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” to give his fellow Oscar nominee a pep talk — and stop Hill from badmouthing him to the “SNL” audience.

Hill’s monologue went off the rails in a hurry when audience members started asking what his dreamboat “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star was like on set, so Hill took the opportunity to talk trash.

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“You wanna know the truth? The truth is, Leo was’t even supposed to be in the movie!” Hill said, adding that he called up “Marty” (Mr. Scorsese to the rest of us) who told him, “‘We need a real actor, like you.'”

That’s when Hill got busted.

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DiCaprio made him come clean about trying to be “a big shot in public.” To make Hill feel better, DiCaprio agreed to do that one thing they apparently did on set that made him feel safe:

Reenact the flying bow scene from “Titanic.”

Watch the stage bomb here: