‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Mark Boone Junior on Bobby Shocker: ‘It Ain’t Cool’

Actor says he felt “torn right in half” by onscreen death on the FX drama

Spoiler alert: Do not read this article if you haven’t seen Tuesday night’s episode, titled “What a Piece of Work Is Man” and don’t want to know what happened.

Farewell, Bobby Munson; hopefully the next world treats you better than the last one.

FX’s motorcycle drama “Sons of Anarchy” added to its pile of shocking deaths when Bobby Munson was gunned down by crime boss and drug kingpin August Marks after already being relieved of an eye and the fingers on one of his hands.

TheWrap spoke with Mark Boone Junior, who plays Bobby, about how he’s been processing his onscreen demise and the one line that he really, really wanted to say before his death.

TheWrap: How and when did you find out that Bobby was a goner?
Boone: I find out when August Marks pulls a gun from behind me and blows me away. [Series creator Kurt Sutter] wanted it to be a surprise.

That’s bull, right?
No, that’s bull. [But] doing it and knowing that it’s going to happen and doing it and then seeing it … they all have their own special charms.

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Were you more disappointed that Bobby died, or were you more relieved that he  wouldn’t be losing any more body parts?
Freedom! I thought, “If Jax had reacted differently, Bobby probably wouldn’t be dead. And the reason probably that Jax didn’t react differently was that Bobby wasn’t there to counsel him!” I guess Bobby was just meant to go.

Are you satisfied with the way Bobby’s death played out?
Hey man, it ain’t cool to die. No way, any way, whatever way — it ain’t cool to die.

Are you disappointed that you died so quickly that you didn’t get to wear a pirate eyepatch after losing your eye?
I mean, who needs two eyes? Who needs two hands? A suicide clutch, man, no problem driving a suicide clutch with that club, because they left me the thumb. When they left me the thumb, I thought, “OK, you’ve got a chance.” When they did leave me the thumb I thought, “There’s a glimmer.”

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Bobby’s death is reminiscent of Opie’s in that his devotion to the club led to his downfall in some ways.
You mean [would Bobby have survived] if I would have cracked? You know, I guess. [But] that wouldn’t have even been a rat move; that’s a pussy move. I don’t think Bobby was ever cut out of that cloth.

Do you think he would have been killed anyway even if he did crack?
As it was going along, I didn’t necessarily think he was going to end up a corpse. That was a pretty shocking [thing]. You know, why didn’t Marks kill Jax? Why didn’t he kill the boy who really had something on him?

You had some pretty salty lines for your captors when you were in captivity. Do you have a favorite line?
Well, actually I wanted to say, “Suck my big, black dick.” That would have been my favorite line. I thought that would have been a lot more clever.

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Did you run the line by Sutter?
Yes I did.

What was his objection?
I really don’t know. I just thought that’s what Bobby would have said in that circumstance, just to be even more of a true outlaw.

Will you still watch the show now, or are you boycotting the rest of the season now that Bobby’s been killed?
It’s not really a matter of boycotting. I’m pretty aware of what happens. Somehow I remained on the script list, so…

Feel free to share details about the rest of the season with us.
I really don’t think you want to know, man. Everybody says they want to know, but they don’t really. I often have answered this question with made-up responses, and as soon as I go into it they’re like, “No, don’t tell me! No! No! Why did you tell me?” That is the universal response.

With “Sons” in the rear-view mirror, what’s up for you next?
I just did a movie with Connie Stevens and Crispin Glover, where Connie Stevens kills me. The day that “Sons of Anarchy” stopped shooting, I actually died yet another death.

They gotta stop killing you off, man.
I think I’m going for the Guinness Book of World Records for speaking characters killed in movies. I think I’m in the top tier right now.

Where does Bobby’s death rank among your onscreen deaths?
Well, for me, it’s definitely the biggest because of the seven year involvement. There’s nothing that compares to that.

Have you processed the fact that you’re no longer part of the show?
Well, I thought I had definitely dealt with it, and then I watched this episode and I was torn right in half as if I had died the death that I had died in John Carpenter‘s “Vampires.” That’s what I felt like. In that one, I was literally split in half. That’s what it felt like today when I watched this episode. I tell you I was very surprised by it.