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Sony Pushes ‘Robocop’ to 2014, Moves ‘Elysium’ to Next Summer

Sony Pictures pushed "Robocop" to 2014, moved up "Elysium" to summer 2013 and took "Pixels" off the calendar altogether

Sony Pictures moved back "Elysium" to summer 2013 and pushed "Robocop" to 2014, aligning the films with dates that previously spawned hits.

Sony Pictures"District 9" director Neill Blomkamp's sequel "Elysium" will move from March 1, 2013 to Aug. 9, 2013, about the same time the first sci-fi film — which grossed $210 million — was released in 2009. It snagged the spot previously reserved for "Robocop," which Sony and MGM pushed to Feb. 7, 2014.

The studio also said it will open "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2" on Sept. 27, 2013 at about the same date as its prequel and its successful "Hotel Transylvania," which came out this year.

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"The first one, which was a hit, was also released in September," Sony spokesman Steve Elzer told TheWrap. "Obviously we are having terrific success with Sony Pictures Animation's 'Hotel Transylvania."

Elzer said Sony is also moving "Pixels" — an animated movie, from Happy Madison, based on a French film about the takeover of New York City by a cheaply designed video game — back into development and taking it off the 2014 calendar. He said the new release date is to be determined.