‘The Sound of Music’ Deluxe Expanded Reissue Includes Over 40 New Songs and Christopher Plummer’s Unreleased Vocals

The new editions of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s iconic 1965 musical will feature the late actor’s vocal performance 

Christopher Plummer
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An expanded version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” will be released on Dec. 1, featuring more than 40 unreleased tracks, 11 of which are alternative takes from the film that have never been seen before. 

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer — who passed away in 2021 at the age of 91, after a storied acting career — starred in the iconic 1965 musical. Originally, Plummer recorded tracks for the film, however, his voice was later dubbed over by Bill Lee. Nearly 60 years later, Plummer’s vocals will be released to the public. 

“The Little Dears,” a song that was never in the film and combines “I Have Confidence,” “My Favorite Things” and “New Governess,” will be featured on the Super Deluxe Edition. The songs “Do-Re-Mi,” “Favorite Things,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and more will also be included. 

One of the alternative takes, “Prelude/The Sound of Music,” performed by Andrews is already available to stream. 

The Super Deluxe Edition of “The Sound of Music” will be available as both a digital download and as a CD/Blu-ray audio set. The Blu-ray disc includes the full score in hi-resolution audio and a new Dolby Atmos mix of the original soundtrack from 1965. 

Film historian and preservationist Mike Matessino, who remixed and remastered the album is featured in the boxed set with his linear notes. 

A Deluxe edition will also be available on Dec. 1, and will include two CDs and a three-LP vinyl collection. 

The standard edition is also getting a facelift, as it will be refurbished with the original 16 tracks available in standard digital, HD digital, and a Dolby Atmos mix. The standard version will include recordings in Spanish, French, Italian and German. 


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