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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – The Best Twitter Joke Titles for Episode VIII

Twitter has its own ideas for titles for “Star Wars” Episode VIII after Disney reveals “The Last Jedi”

Disney announced Monday the title of its next “Star Wars” film, Episode VIII, would be “The Last Jedi.” As usually happens when “Star Wars” news appears, the Internet had a field day.

Moments after the announcement of the title, Twitter was alight with fans speculating about what it could mean. “Jedi” can be singular OR plural! The color of the words “Star Wars” has been changed from the iconic yellow to red! That’s the color of the Sith!

But this is Twitter. Along with fan theories, discussions, hype and flipping out in excitement, there are always cheeky jokes.

It took Twitter no more than a few minutes to start offering alternative titles to “Star Wars” Episode VIII. Here are a few of the best so far.

Just saying what everyone’s thinking.

A lot of people feeling this way.

Of eight total “Star Wars” movies, no fewer than four are about Death Stars or Death Star-like space stations.

Fans on Reddit and in comments sections on film websites predicted the title around the release of “The Force Awakens.” But nobody knows what to make of that red logo. Well played, Disney.

Leaked footage from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” care of “30 Rock” and Tracy Jordan.

Twitter spent the weekend wondering if it was okay to punch white nationalist Richard Spencer. If violence is never the answer, what do you do about evil space wizards?

For many, the title reveal is a lot to process.

The wampa from “The Empire Strikes Back” needs better representation.

“Rogue One” had the mantra “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.” Now we know what people will be chanting when “The Last Jedi” is released.

I suppose we all deserve that.

The alternate take: What if the title isn’t actually a big deal?

Not sure about this one either.

It’s not “The Last Jedi.” I saw at least 1.5 million Jedi there.