‘Star Wars’ Newcomer John Boyega and Fans Pay Tribute to Daniel Fleetwood

Terminally ill fan saw early cut of “The Force Awakens” just days before dying


The Force will be with Daniel Fleetwood, always.

Just days after seeing an early cut of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the terminally-ill Texas man passed away in his sleep, his wife confirmed on Facebook on Tuesday morning.

Fans of the franchise who supported Fleetwood’s campaign to see the film before he died immediately began sending their condolences online, using the hashtag #ForceforDaniel, which was the same hashtag used to urge Disney to let him see the film.

John Boyega, who will star as Finn in “The Force Awakens,” also sent his condolences. Boyega and Mark Hammill were among the members of the cast who pushed for Fleetwood to be allowed to see the movie.

Read some the most touching tributes to Fleetwood below.