Stephen Colbert Calls Bill O’Reilly ‘A F–king Egomaniac’ (Video)

The back and forth battle between the comedian and the Fox News host heats up

Stephen Colbert responded to being called “completely vacant” by Bill O’Reilly with an insult of his own for the Fox News anchor.

Bill O’Reilly is a fucking egomaniac,” Colbert said during his show Wednesday night. “I am absolutely positive that was bleeped for broadcast because I don’t mean it.”

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In a “Colbert Report” segment last week, the Comedy Central host skewered O’Reilly’s plan for defeating ISIS terrorists with a team of international mercenaries.

O’Reilly discounted Colbert mocking his military proposal, saying on his own show, “Mr. Colbert and others of his ilk have no bleeping clue how to fight the jihad.”

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“It hurts me to know I hurt the man I admire most,” Colbert said. “Just as Bill would be hurt if he hurt the man he admires most, himself.”

“Bill, baby doll,” Colbert said, “You’re of my ilk. We’re ilk mates. We’re members of the same ilk lodge. We dip our cookies in the same glass of ilk. I wasn’t mocking your plan. I’m the only one who likes it.”

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Colbert shared a supercut of several analysts appearing on Fox News stating their disapproval of O’Reilly’s plan, including Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley, who said of the strategy, “it could turn into a Frankenstein force that you can’t control.”

“A Frankenstein force? Has she been reading my notebook?” Colbert said while holding up a notebook he drew in as a child.

Watch the video from Wednesday night’s “The Colbert Report” above.