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Stephen Colbert ‘Revved Up’ for US Bombings in Syria, More Falafel (Video)

Airstrikes mean Stephen can now punch a new hole on his ”frequent Middle East bombing card“

Snappy network graphics. A change of scenery. For Stephen Colbert what’s not to love about airstrikes in Syria.

“Syria is a country we have never bombed before,” Colbert said Tuesday night on “The Colbert Report.” “Which means I get to put a whole new hole in my frequent Mideast bombing card. All we need to do is bomb Oman and I get a free falafel.”

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And even if this campaign can degrade ISIL, Colbert still has to wonder who will rise to lead the war-torn nations of the Middle East.

“There’s got to be somebody who can hold that region together,” Colbert said. “Anybody seen Saddam lately?”

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Let’s just hope the networks’ creative minds can rise to the challenge.

“America’s at war,” Colbert said. “It is the sworn duty of the news biz to call in the best and brightest in our graphics department to serve their nation.”

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“C’mon we’re dropping bombs on Syria and ‘The Today Show’ is using the same lower-third graphic to report that 50 Cent can’t throw a baseball,” Colbert said.

Watch the video from “The Colbert Report” above.