Stephen Colbert Declares Football a ‘Christian Sport’ After NFL Muslim Controversy (Video)

“How can they play if they’re not allowed to touch pig skin?” Colbert asked about Muslim players like Husain Abdullah

There’s no room for Islam in the NFL, according to Stephen Colbert. “The Colbert Report” host shared his mock outrage over Kansas City Chiefs player Husain Abdullah, a Muslim, dropping to his knees and praying after scoring a touchdown on Monday Night Football.

“A Muslim prayer in the end zone!” Colbert said while showing video from the game. “And even more shocking, I was allowed to play footage without the express written consent of the National Football League.”

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Abdullah was initially flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct but the league later ruled that he should not have been penalized.

“I didn’t even know there were Muslim football players,” Colbert said. “How can they play if they’re not allowed to touch pig skin?”

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Religious gestures are common in professional football games but they are overwhelmingly Christian-based.

“We all know football is a Christian sport,” Colbert said. “That’s why we have plays like the Hail Mary and the Lateral Judas.”

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“Bottom line, this will completely ruin the game of football,” Colbert continued, “and that job is already filled by Roger Goodell.”

Watch the video of Tuesday night’s “Colbert Report” above.