Stephen Colbert Says MAGA Stands for ‘Make America Germany Around 1938’ After Trump’s ‘Unified Reich’ Ad | Video

“Unified yikes,” the host of “The Late Show” jokes

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On Monday, Donald Trump shared a video on social media that contained literal pro-Nazi content — and no we aren’t kidding. But as disturbing as it is for a U.S. president to openly promote white supremacist fascism, it did give Stephen Colbert fodder for some decent puns during his monologue on Tuesday’s “The Late Show.”

The video in question, made by a Trump supporter, promised the reelection of Trump as president this fall would bring about the “creation of a unified reich.” And to be clear, this actually happened.

The video was taken down on Tuesday following widespread criticism. It’s far from the first time Trump has publicized such things. He has repeatedly used antisemitic phrases and has even praised Adolf Hitler, but a spokesperson nevertheless claimed the video was “reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word, while the President was in court.”

“Trump’s minions aren’t being subtle about the authoritarian plans they have if Trump wins this next election,” Colbert said during his monologue. “Case in point, Trump posted a video touting how great a second Trump term would be, ending with ‘MAGA.’ But in greyscale underneath it had a headline: ‘Industrial strength significantly increased, driven by the creation of a unified reich.’”

“Unified Yikes,” Colbert added. “That’s not a dog whistle, that’s a whistle made of dog. Evidently Maga now stands for Make America Germany Around 1938.”

Colbert also side-eyed the Trump campaign’s explanation. “A spokesperson for Trump’s campaign explained that this was not a campaign video. It was created by a random account online, and ‘reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word.”’

“Yes, they did not see it,” Colbert said, pronouncing “not see” like “Nazi.”

Watch the clip from Colbert’s monologue below:

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