Stephen Colbert Rips Rick Scott, Charlie Crist’s ‘Fangate’ Debate With ‘CSI: Miami’ Homage (Video)

Comedy Central host uses ridiculous Florida debate situation to drop several desk fan puns

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert on Thursday tore into the begrudging participants of a highly unusual debate that eventually took place in Florida earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Republican incumbent governor Rick Scott and Democratic former governor Charlie Crist were scheduled to argue the midterm issues on stage and on CSPAN. There was just one problem: Crist’s desk fan. Scott’s camp didn’t want to allow candidates to have a fan under their podiums, a rule that Crist did not follow, and possibly contractually amended.

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Folks, welcome to “fangate.”

“I don’t blame Crist for wanting to bring his own coolant,” Colbert said last night. “Based on that skin tone, I’d say his core temperature is about 450 degrees.”

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The debate eventually took place, but obviously the only thing anybody cares about is the fan. The Comedy Central host used that opportunity to drop some fan puns, including “blow,” “suck” and, of course, “oscillating.”

Then Colbert broke out the shades and the “CSI: Miami” theme music/helicopter shot before going to commercial.

Watch the video: