Colbert Lauds Fox News for Network’s Latest Faux Outrage Over ‘Woke’ Legos: ‘How Dare They Update Their Toys?’ (Video)

But “The Late Show” host couldn’t help himself and revealed Legos are made in Denmark

In a rare move, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert gave Fox News credit during his monologue on Thursday night.

Colbert jokingly said the conservative network is a 24-hour news channel that sometimes creates news and outrage on slow news days.

“I want to salute their ability to just invent outrage out of absolutely nothing on a slow news day,” Colbert said. “They done it again. They dug down deep and tossed aside any last scraps of journalistic integrity and yanked out a new dumb thing to pretend to be mad at.”

Colbert said because he also needs content to talk about, he will pretend to be mad at Fox News for them pretending to be mad at Legos for introducing new diverse characters.

Colbert played a clip of various Fox News hosts and guests as they voiced their displeasure at the idea.

“Legos is going woke!” one Fox News host said.

Colbert joked, “Oh! Oh! I am so mad. Lego is woke. How dare they update their toys? What happened to the totally normal legos from my youth like ‘Bunny from hell?’ Tom Selleck trapped in corn, and my favorite, women with too many boobs.”

The late-night host said Fox News know exactly what they were doing. He said this is all about politics. Colbert then played another clip of a host on the network explaining why Lego is going woke.

“What’s so fascinating about this story is the divide in the country,” the host said. “Republicans think it’s insane that they’re forcing identity politics into Legos. Democrats are upset that they didn’t make a drag-queen stripper.”

Colbert said in response, “First of all, fella, Democrats don’t make Legos. They are made by a bunch of nerds in Denmark. OK, so they’re made by socialists.”

“I don’t know why Fox is so upset about sending representation in Legos, after all I’m pretty sure Sean Hannity is one,” Colbert said while showing a side-by-side picture of Hannity and a Lego figure that looked pretty much identical to him.

To see Colbert’s full monologue, click the video above.