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Stephen Colbert on Vincent Van Gogh’s Reanimated Ear: ‘Why God, Why?’ (Video)

”Colbert Report“ host discusses real-life display of ear created from ”Starry Night“ painter’s cells

Vincent Van Gogh’s ear lives again, sort of. And Stephen Colbert is weirded out.

In 1888, Van Gogh cut off his own ear in a psychotic episode. Now a German museum is displaying a replica of the ear that was ostensibly created cells from one of Van Gogh’s ancestors.

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“That’s right. It’s that exciting time in every century when German museums begin displaying human body parts,” Colbert said on Monday’s “Colbert Report.”

“Folks, this one really disgusts me,” he added. “There’s your European-style socialized medicine. Van Gogh had to wait 126 years to get his ear fixed.”

Colbert noted that the ear was generated with a 3-D printer: “And if you think a paper jam is tough, try clearing out an ear jam,” he said.

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Visitors to the museum can ask the ear questions through a microphone.

“I’ve got one: Why God, why?” said Colbert.

Watch the video:

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