Stephen Colbert Gets Visit From Future Stephen to Talk Immigration, Future Spanish (VIdeo)

Immigration reform is coming — in 2373

With President Obama delaying his planned executive action on immigration until after the midterm elections, and Republicans repeatedly saying they may address immigration next year, it can feel like nothing will ever happen on the issue.

But Stephen Colbert says immigrants can take heart.

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“Don’t lost hope, immigrants. Just because our leaders are telling you to wait til next year doesn’t mean it won’t happen — as long as you just wait until next year,” he said on Tuesday’s “Colbert Report.”

Moments later, he received a visit from Future Stephen, the silver-suited, slick-haired, hoverchair-bound version of himself who lives in 2372.

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Future Stephen told Colbert that in his time period, everyone “speaks future Spanish: Donde esta la space biblioteca?”

He also promised that immigration reform will happen in the future.

“Absolutely,” Future Stephen said. “Next year.”

Watch the video: