Stephen Colbert Mocks Shepard Smith, ‘Fox News Deck’: ‘It’s Like He’s Playing Wii Tragedy’ (Video)

Colbert is unimpressed with “Starshep Enterprise”

Stephen Colbert isn’t impressed with the “Fox News Deck,” a futuristic newsroom Colbert compares to the series of screens in “Minority Report” — “except Fox News does not report on minorities.”

Fox’s Shepard Smith recently provided viewers a tour of the News Deck, which features a series of giant screens. One includes tweets that Fox “information specialists” — formerly known as “producers” — are trying to confirm.

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Colbert said on Thursday’s “Colbert Report” that the ex-producers even have their new job title on their resumes — “which they’re sending out as we speak.”

Another new feature allows Smith to move breaking news stories to different sections of a 38-foot screen. Smith demonstrated by shifting video of a woman evacuating from a hurricane.

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“It’s incredible. Shep can move around images of devastation with the flick of his controller,” said Colbert. “It’s like he’s playing Wii Tragedy.”

Watch the video:

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