Colbert Says Trump’s Impending Fraud Verdict ‘Is Unfair’ — but Only ‘Because I Don’t Have a Show Tomorrow’ | Video

“Justice delayed is punch lines denied,” the “Late Show” host jokes

Stephen Colbert The Late Show Monologue Trump Trials
"The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" (Credit: CBS)

Stephen Colbert, briefly, seemed uncharacteristically favorably disposed toward Donald Trump during his Thursday monologue, declaring that whatever the verdict ends up being in the ex-president’s New York civil fraud trial on Friday, it will be “unfair.”

“To me,” he quickly clarified. “Because I don’t have a show tomorrow.”

Colbert also offered up a public service announcement in response to the myriad criminal offenses Trump is accused of: “This is f—ed up.”

You can watch the clip, courtesy of an early preview of his monologue from tonight’s “The Late Show,” right here now.

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“It was an insane day for America because it was a regular day for Donald Trump,” Colbert said. “He had not one but two criminal trials today, one in New York, one in Georgia at the exact same time. The only way to follow all the action was to have multiple TVs. That’s why I watch all the proceedings today at a Buffalo Wild Wings.”

“I had the hot habeas jalapeño bombers,” Colbert added.

“Tomorrow, Judge Engoron is expected to issue a verdict in Trump’s $370 million trial. And I will tell you right now, whatever he rules, I believe the verdict is unfair — to me, because I don’t have a show tomorrow and Justice delayed is punch lines denied,” Colbert quipped.

That led into Colbert’s PSA.

“Those three are just today and tomorrow. He’s also facing Jan. 6 trial in Washington, D.C., the classified documents case in Florida, Colorado trying to throw them off the ballot for insurrection and his appeal in the verdict of the E. Jean Carroll defamation case in which a jury has already found that Trump committed sexual assault. And yet despite all this, people want to hire this maniac to be president,” Colbert said.

“In light of all that, in the light of all that I’d like to make a brief Public Service Announcement: This is f—ed up.”

Watch the full “Late Show” segment in the video above.


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