Stephen Colbert Perfects New ‘Late Show’ Theme Song (Video)

Comedian takes over CBS late-night show September 8

Last Updated: June 8, 2015 @ 3:36 PM

Stephen Colbert is knocking items off of his “Late Show” to do list, starting with the show’s theme song.

In a video released Monday, Colbert sits at an electric keyboard and writes a new theme song for the show before he takes over on September 8.

Colbert’s dulcet tones fill the room as he sings, “What time is it? It’s Late!/What show is it? It’s Show!” His dog sits by drinking in the glorious music that Colbert composes.

Never one to shortchange his own accomplishments, the official tweet from the Colbert “Late Show” account for the video read, “STEPHEN COLBERT CONTINUES STREAK  [sic]with 3rd consecutive Internet video! In a row! What’s next? Another one?”

Colbert previously released videos naming his new band leader as well as shaving off his”Colbeard” in preparation taking over the “Late Show” desk.

Watch the video.