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Stephen Colbert Salutes Bill O’Reilly: ‘My Mentor, My Inspiration, My Safe Word’ (Video)

Colbert answers O’Reilly’s criticisms with praise

Bill O’Reilly may not like Stephen Colbert‘s move to CBS, but Colbert has nothing but love for the man he calls “Papa Bear.”

“Folks, I have made no secret over the years that I am a huge fan of Bill O’Reilly. He is my mentor, my inspiration, my safe word,” Colbert said on Thursday’s “Colbert Report.”

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O’Reilly, the main inspiration for Colbert’s right-wing character, has said Republicans will reject Colbert as David Letterman‘s “Late Show” replacement. But Colbert praises everything O’Reilly has done, including his bestsellers “Killing Lincoln,” Killing Kennedy,” and “Killing Jesus.”

“He is a literary master of the non-surprise ending,” Colbert said.

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He admires O’Reilly so much that he has his own answer to O’Reilly’s correspondent Jesse Watters, who often takes to the streets, parking lots and beaches to show how dumb America’s young people are.

With “Tad’s Turf,” Colbert dispatches his building manager, Tad, to test the minds of young liberals at Columbia University.

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