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Jon Stewart Mocks Bill O’Reilly’s Link Between Beyonce and Pregnancy (Video)

O’Reilly rip’s Bey’s glorification of limo sex

Jon Stewart questioned Bill O’Reilly‘s claim that Beyonce is encouraging teen pregnancy — until “Daily Show” senior Beyonce correspondent Jessica Williams proved a link between Bey and bey beys.

On Thursday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart mocked the host of Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” for arguing that Beyonce’s “Petition” video “glorifies having sex in a limousine.” He noted that the song is about a successful married couple with a child doing their thing in a luxury car.

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“If that’s not a conservative utopia, I don’t know what is,” Stewart said.

Stewart accused O’Reilly of complaining about Beyonce just so he can play sexy B-roll from her videos. (Stewart also recently accused Fox News’ Sean Hannity of dedicating a week to spring break just so he could show footage of twerking college women.)

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But then Williams proved that Beyonce is indeed moving our nation’s values to the left, to the left.

Watch the video:

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