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Jon Stewart Mocks Sean Hannity’s ‘Excuse to Run Wildly Inappropriate T&A Footage’ (Video)

Hannity spent a week covering college women twerking for spring break ”investigation“

Jon Stewart thinks Sean Hannity‘s weeklong investigation into the dangers of spring break felt like “less of a news story and more of an excuse to run wildly inappropriate T&A footage alongside pundits tsking said footage.”

Hannity, who Stewart called “America’s oldest hall monitor,” said on Wednesday’s “Daily Show” that no one would be shocked by what “Hannity” uncovered: Lots of young people like to go to warm climates, take off their clothes, drink and even have sex.
Hannity assembled a panel of parents and experts to do the tsking.

“So you did a week of shows on this. What wisdom did the panel impart?” Stewart said.

“My daughter, there’s no way in hell she’s going there,” said a male member of Hannity’s panel. “But with my sons, I hope they have a great time.”

Stewart said the segments weren’t just an excuse to show college women twerking for a week.
“You see, this is also an in-depth cautionary tale about what can happen when children are improperly raised,” Stewart said.
But then it came out that many of Hannity’s panelists, and even Hannity, had been on spring break.

“So what kind of s— parents let their kids go to spring break?” Stewart asked. “Oh right — your s— parents.”

Watch the video:

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