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Stephen Colbert Sees No Pro-Israel Bias on CNN’s ‘The Situation Kibbutz’ (Video)

Colbert addresses whether there is a bias in Gaza coverage

Stephen Colbert examined whether news organizations are biased in their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Thursday, declaring that he personally saw no bias on CNN’s “The Situation Kibbutz.”

The “Colbert Report” host addressed concerns that Palestinians are trying to show the news media as many dead bodies as possible to win a public relations war.

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“That’s how war works,” he said. “We all know whoever has the most dead bodies wins.”

He noted that the International Press Institute had created a guide to avoiding “loaded language” in covering the conflict, and attempted to follow it. With the help of an intern and a red light, he attempted to say anything about the conflict without offending anyone.

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For example, he will no longer use the term “disputed areas,” because some believe that the term legitimizes Israel’s control of those areas.

“I will call them shoot-y places,” Colbert said.

Watch the video:

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